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18 Tips To Save On Car Insurance Policies

There are numerous small tips, which can help you save, in car insurance policies. You can find a few of them in the policy paper.

The complex aspects associated with the pricing of insurance policies are already there, and the various rules for car insurance in the individual states make it more complex. Everything makes it a difficult task for the consumers to choose the best car insurance policy.

The ways to save money on car insurance

I am a licensed insurance agent, and thus, know a number of tricks, which can help the customers pay less insurance premiums for their policies. Here are a few tips, which can bring transparency within the insurance policies, and Zebra collects the tips from the State of Auto Insurance Report.

  1. Do not let the insurance coverage to drop

After getting insurance for a year, the premium rates drop by almost 7 to 7.7%. The discounts, which you get for insurance for consecutive years is affected in most of the cases by the liability coverage on the policy. The more the liability, more will be the insurance discount, which you can get.

  1. Bundling policies

It is better that you get multiple insurance policies from the same insurance provider, and it can help you to get the car insurance policy at a much reduced price.

  1. Some basic research

You should do some fundamental research, and know some basic aspects about the companies, apart from knowing the minimum coverage, and other points, specific to your state.

  1. Be quick to purchase the insurance

You should purchase the car insurance, at least a few days before you can activate it. For example, you should renew the policy, at least a few days earlier than the due date. It can help you to get some discounts.

  1. Avoid installments

In most of the cases, the customers who pay the premiums in lump sums can save some money, compared to those pay the same in installments.

  1. Get the policies after reallocation

Depending upon the state, you are from; there can be huge differences in the insurance policies. The rate of premiums is also a subject to change, deepening on the ZIP code. For example, the insurance policies in Michigan can be 3 times more costly compared to that of Ohio. Thus, you should get a new insurance plan, only after you move to the new place.

  1. Get better credit score

Drivers, who have a better credit score in case of one tier savings, can save almost 17% on their annual premiums. You can find your credit score on Credit.com, which is updated every 14th day.

  1. Get an old car

A car or a model 5 years old can be 13% less expensive to insure compared to that of a car, which is completely new in the market.

  1. Link your VIN while getting the quotations

A number of new vehicles come with anti-theft alarms, and thus, registering your VIN at the time of purchasing the insurance policy can help you qualify for a discount for anti-theft device.

  1. Be safe

Driving safely is not only important for your well-being, and others on the road, it can also help you to save a lot of money on the insurance premiums.

  1. Know the difference between the insurers

All the car insurance agencies are built in a way to insure certain variety of customers, who have different kinds of risks. Thus, you should find the car insurance agency, which are best suited for you.

  1. Find new policies

You should keep on finding new car insurance policies, which suit your car, after every six months. It can help you to find a better insurance policy, or a policy, which can fulfill all your requirements in the best possible way.

  1. Be paperless

You need to agree with a number of conditions, while purchasing car insurance. Signing the documents online, or in a paperless mode can help you get some discounts, in case of some insurance policy providers. Give you email address for purchasing the policy.

  1. Brag your education

You can get a better rating, if you have good college grades, or have a good education. A number of insurance agencies will give you a high rating, for you education, and it can help you to grab some amazing discounts. You should check the details in the insurance policy terms and conditions.

  1. Chose insurance based on usage

If you do not drive your car a lot, or your workplace is located close to you, you can go for a telematics device on your car, which can help you to share the driving behavior with the insurance company. It can help you save more than 30% of your expenses, depending on the driving habits.

  1. Know your requirements

Take some time in finding out, what you actually need from the insurance plan, and whether the insurance agency is providing you the same, or fulfilling your needs. There isn’t any policy, which will fulfill all your needs.

  1. Tick automatic transactions

You should choose automatic payment or Electronic Fund Transfer, for all your payments, instead of getting a bill. It can help you get discounts, and can also increase with time.

  1. Do everything on your own

Do you remember, being listed on the car insurance policy of somebody else in the last 6 months? If not, you can get special discounts, if you choose a separate policy for your own.