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Best Jobs for Lower Car Insurance Rates

Lower car insurance and the higher car insurances

Numerous aspects change the insurance premiums for the cars. One of the aspects, which can change the price, a lot, is the occupation.

It is reported by the Wall Street Journal that the state regulators in the New York City that the insurance rates are to be effected by the means of the occupations.

The four major insurance companies that are present in the New York City are mainly asked to do this.

The companies Geico, Liberty Mutual, Allstate, and Progressive are asked to do the main work.

The work is to justify that whether the practice is good or bad.

There are other various factors that should also be justified such as the age; driving experience, mileage and many others factors will influence the rates.

So, according to the Journal that is presented there are many options that can really help you. The occupations that can help you and can also put you in trouble are given below.

The occupations that can really help you are the dentists, accountants, military officers, teachers and the engineers.

The occupations that can be a bit painful are the bank tellers, day- care employers, retail workers and the stock clerks. This is the way as mentioned in the Journal.

Occupation that will help youOccupation that will put you into trouble
TeacherRetail workers
EngineersStock clerks
AccountantsBank tellers
Military officersDay care employees


This is great news for some people while it can turn up to be very disappointing for the other half as mentioned. But one thing is certain that the insurance is not regulated at the federal level.

It is regulated at the state level. So, now if the Empire state stops the insurance companies from asking the occupation then this will only impact the customers in the whole state. But hopefully, some good news can be heard and there is some possibility in this matter.

When the Journal came to the market and the people heard about the news it left a get impact, which was to be noted. Well, the decision that will be the final one is still yet to come.