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Do I Need Insurance If My Car has Broken Down?

It seems that your car has broken down and you would not like to replace it in the near future.

A Car repair can be really expensive at times. Do you still need insurance?

Lots of people cannot afford 4 insurance and thus they give up on it.

The various kinds of circumstances

There are various kinds of circumstances and thus the correct answer is, if you have a broken car that needs repair you do not need to repair the same.

If you have availed a loan on the vehicle, your lender may require a full coverage, however, third party car insurances are also available.

You can also opt for comprehensive coverage’s that can help protect your vehicle from theft, fire and vandalism as well.

An expensive affair

Car insurance prices can really be expensive and sometimes the loan on your vehicle may require full coverage.

Lenders can avail third party insurance on the vehicle and send a bill to you. If you have a vehicle that is broken down, you would need to maintain at least a minimum amount of car insurance in one form or the other.

There is however ways to stay insured even if your car has broken down.

How can you reduce insurance costs?

You can reduce your auto insurance costs in a number of ways. Either maintains a car insurance that requires repair, get yourself added to another’s car insurance and get your cancelled, purchasing a non-owner car insurance.

Always ensure that your car insurance does not relapse, as it may be expensive. You can take the help of car insurance brokers for the same.I

t is useless to pay a car insurance on a broken down car, however, it is definitely cheaper when considering the amount of insurance you have to pay next time.