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What Is Accident Forgiveness and Where Can You Obtain It?

Accident forgiveness is a popularly growing trend among automobile and car insurance companies.

They offer accident forgiveness as a temptation for customers who would like to buy an automobile policy.

  • Every customer is looking for ways and means to save on auto insurance. Thus auto insurance companies are on the lookout for customers who would like to avail auto insurance at a cheaper premium. So what is accident forgiveness and who offers the same? Who qualifies for this forgiveness?

What is accident forgiveness?

Accident forgiveness is a characteristic feature of an auto insurance policy that helps secure your driving record from being affected by the insurance company rating system for an accident where it is your fault.

It also prevents your insurance premium from increasing this refers to the first at fault accident only if your previous track records are perfectly clean.

Do I qualify for accident forgiveness?

Each and every auto insurance company has their own policy and procedures for accident forgiveness.

You can always find out if you qualify for the accident forgiveness claim.

However, it is up to the insurance company, whether they would offer you your claim.

Some companies allow accident forgiveness while other companies will advise you to purchase it as an endorsement to your auto policy.

Though all companies  do not give accident forgiveness, you can check with your insurance agent to see whether they offer accident forgiveness.

Who offers accident forgiveness?

Accident forgiveness is one of the most complex endeavors that you may have to manage and this accident forgiveness is offered by some of the leading automobile and auto insurance companies.

If you have multiple accidents in the last few years or various speeding tickets, then there are chances that you may not qualify.

Your auto insurance prices may also be increased in this case.